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What are our clients saying about Fit Coach Pro

Hannah W

"It's made the check-in process that much easier and quicker. Instead of clicking into a million different things, it's really easy to look all in one place on the Fit Coach Pro portal!"

Alyssa T

"I am very data driven! One of my favorite things about this is that I can track daily data as well as weekly data for my clients."

Krys S

"The fact that everything is in one place is absolutely amazing! Client notes, client check-ins, client photos, training programs, and videos.. But also, how user friendly it is for not just my clients, but my coaches. I was having a hard time finding a system that was user friendly on not only the client end, but on my end too. As my business grew, I needed something that was easy to use and that I could hold my team accountable with, and that is exactly what Fit Coach Pro does for me!"
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