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Personal Server

Your portal is built on it's own server, so it is more secure and has the ultimate performance capabilities.

Customizable Portal Settings

Add your own branding, data points and questions. This means you can have clients track things like habits and biofeedback!

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Manage Clients

Add as many clients as you need to instantly. Add client notes within each client's profile. Set personal targets. Activate/de-active clients, and always know how many clients you have active!

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Manage Coaches

Add unlimited coaches and assign them to clients.

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Training Check-ins

Ability to view form videos and ask specific questions to be able to give better feedback.

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Upload Programs

Upload and assign custom programs to clients. This includes things like meal plans, digestive health guides, etc. that you would want to upload to a specific client’s profile.

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Nutrition Check-ins

Ability to track clients' daily and weekly nutrition information, analyze client consistency, track things like biofeedback and habits, ask specific questions, and view progress pictures.

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Nutrition Reports

View client's nutrition data over the longer-term. Ability to select time-frame you want to review data for.

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Workout Builder

Create custom workout templates and assign individual workout plans to clients.

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Client Messaging

Ability to send text, image, voice, and video messages.

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Resource Library

Store informative content that your clients have instant access to download from.

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Video Library

Add instructional videos that clients can reference, our utilize our built in excercise library containing hundreds excercise videos.

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Email Notifications

Get notified when clients add new Check-ins. Remind clients of their check-in days

Client Notifications

Notify all your clients with important news or daily updates.

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View important data points all in one place.

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Mobile Friendly

View your portal on both desktop and mobile

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