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Fit Coach Pro Academy

Welcome to Fit Coach Pro Academy! We launched this mentorship for the same reason we launched our original software, to help elevate the health and fitness coaching community.

Our goal here is to teach other coaches how to grow and streamline their businesses. That means showing you how to turn an audience into a community, create products and offers for that community, content creation, sales, and client retention, among many other topics!

Growing a business on your own is tough, and even scary at times. If you don’t currently have a network around you, it just makes it that much harder. We are here to be your community. And know this- your mentors aren’t some “former” coaches, or people who have never done what you are trying to do. You will be working with CURRENT owners and CEO’s of health coaching companies who have been doing this successfully for the last decade.

We have seen the ups and downs. We have been through the grind of doing this on the side while working at a full-time job.. Then we made it to full-time coaches.. Then we grew to the point where we were able to hire our own team of coaches! We are going to show you exactly how we did that.

Our purpose here is to give value back to our community so that, together, we can elevate the health and fitness industry. So join the Fit Coach Pro Academy family today and let’s start changing the world!

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Our Experts

Who's running the mentorship?


This mentorship is being run exclusively by Josh, Alessandra, and Joelle. Having spent the last decade working in the health and fitness industry, the three of us are hyperaware of what it takes to build success in the online coaching space. We've gained extensive knowledge and first hand experience with organizing coaching offers, finding clients, enhancing the client experience, building teams, growing and nourishing an audience on social media, client onboarding, troubleshooting client issues, increasing client retention, as well as learning how to stand out in a saturated market. While many other business mentors no longer work in the health coaching industry, we're right there beside you, running our own coaching businesses successfully - and wanting to share the knowledge and experience we've gained in doing so, with coaches like you.

When we launched Fit Coach Pro nearly two years ago, we never expected to see such a major gap between a coach's passion for coaching and their ability to grow and scale successful and sustainable businesses. We're here to close that gap. 

We know you love coaching.

We know you want to grow your business. And we're here to help.

Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link below to join the waitlist for Round 2!

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Are You The Right Fit

Who is Fit Coach Pro Academy for?

While email #1 mentioned that FCPA is BOTH for new coaches who want to get their businesses off the ground AND for existing coaches looking to take their businesses to the next level - let's unpack this a bit more.

The best candidates for FCPA are new, existing, & aspiring coaches who MAY be struggling with:

  • Creating and organizing their offers and services
  • Finding and consistently signing new clients
  • Successfully marketing their business for their ideal client
  • Nailing down long-term client retention strategies
  • Utilizing back end systems to streamline their business / coaching process
  • Creating and optimizing their SOP's (standard operating procedures)
  • Enhancing & personalizing the client experience
  • Troubleshooting common client issues (ghosts, poor communication, etc)
  • Content creation and captivating a social audience authentically
  • Standing out in a saturated market
  • Navigating sales, financials, and legal necessities
  • Team expansion & hiring support staff / assistant coaches

We've been there.

All 3 of us had a day one.
We didn't start with teams and assistant coaches.
We didn't start with fancy software.
We didn't start with knowledge of sales, marketing, or entrepreneurship.

Just like you, we started with a passion for health and fitness, which expanded into the desire to educate others.

Just like you, we started with other jobs and other careers, and eventually took the plunge to attempt coaching or training others “on the side”.

Just like you, we had a dream of making our part-time hustle our full-time career.

Nearly a decade later and we've done just that. We've gone from other careers to part time hustle, to full time grind, to building teams, to managing sustainable and successful businesses. And now, it's become our passion to help others do the same.

Truth is…

Being a great coach isn't enough these days.
Caring about your clients isn't enough these days.
A passion for health and fitness isn't enough these days.

While we do wish that passion was enough to pay the bills, we all know that running a successful online health coaching business in 2023 is going to require wearing a multitude of hats; the CEO hat, the marketing hat, the content creator hat, the sales call hat, the legal hat, the customer service hat, as well as many other roles and responsibilities.

We know you love coaching and that the actual coaching itself can often feel like the easiest part of this gig. That's where we come in.

Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link below to join the waitlist for Round 2!

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It's All There

What's ACTUALLY included in FCPA?

  • One LIVE call per WEEK hosted by Josh, Alessandra, or Joelle (we'll be rotating between us each week)
  • Each call will be a 60-90 minute Zoom call presenting and educating on a topic from our planned curriculum.
  • Every 4th call, ALL 3 OF US will be hosting a business Q&A call.
  • All calls will be recorded & replays will be sent out to mentees in the event you cannot attend the call LIVE.
  • Access to our FCPA “Members Only” Facebook group to collaborate with a network of likeminded mentees (and your mentors) for additional support.
  • While FCPA is a 12 MONTH mentorship, you'll have the option to cancel ANYTIME should you need/want to.
  • MASSIVE BONUS: ALL FCPA MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE FIT COACH PRO SOFTWARE FOR FREE (free monthly membership for as long as you remain an FCPA member)
  • If and when you complete the entire year long mentorship, Fit Coach Pro (software) will remain 50% OFF for LIFE for you and your business.

Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link below to join the waitlist for Round 2!

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Cool So...

When can we get this show on the road?

  • Our very first LIVE call will kick off with ALL 3 of your mentors; Alessandra, Joelle, and Josh on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12th at 2:00PM EST
  • All LIVE calls moving forward will be at 2:00pm EST EVERY WEDNESDAY thereafter.
  • As a waitlist subscriber, you'll gain early access to the sign up link (this is crucial as limited spots are available).
  • Additionally, our first TEN sign ups will receive a BONUS 3:1 (Josh, Alessandra, Joelle, and YOU only) kickstarter business call.

Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link below to join the waitlist for Round 2!

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What You Will Learn

Fit Coach Pro Academy: Curriculum Outline 

    • Building out offers that best serve your ideal client
    • Enhancing offers that highlight your skillset and knowledge
    • Connecting value & worth to your offers
    • Differentiating your offers from other businesses
    • Building like, know, and trust within your community
    • Developing your following & your niche
    • Identifying and finding your ideal client
    • Marketing your business to your ideal client
    • Social media marketing
    • Best content practices for various platforms
    • Creating content for your ideal client
    • Using content to leverage new sign-ups
    • Presenting your offers eloquently
    • Overcoming objections
    • Fostering quick rapport with applicants
    • Utilizing FCP to manage your clients effectively
    • Optimizing your check-in process
    • Organizing your business practices to enhance work-life balance
    • Enhancing your clients first impression
    • Improving your messaging, copy, and efficiency
    • Establishing expectations with clients
    • Personalizing and enhancing the client experience
    • Increasing client satisfaction to improve outcomes
    • Increasing the likelihood a client stays beyond their minimum
    • How to retain clients long-term
    • Establishing and improving the client-coach connection
    • Communication
    • Programming
    • Systems to best optimize automation
    • Software for team & task management, marketing, community building, etc.
    • Client contracts and company protection
    • Policies and clauses
    • Budget, expenses, KPI's
    • Hiring support staff and guiding a team of coaches
    • Managing shifts in roles & responsibilities
    • Delegation & leadership

While this isn't an exhaustive list...

Believe it or not, this outline should give you a solid idea of what to expect in terms of content & curriculum, the level of support you'll be privy to inside of FCPA, and the vast amount of knowledge and experience we hope to share with you.

We know your passion and desire to coach is already present… otherwise you wouldn't have joined the waitlist.

Now it's time you have the knowledge, guidance, clarity, and support to actually grow, manage, scale, and enhance your business in a sustainable way.

We don't claim to know it all. But my goodness, have we learned a lot in the last decade of working in this industry. We've experienced the high's and low's of the industry, we've seen social media's algorithms change a million times over, we've gone from part time, to full time, to managing staff, and still - we've still managed to create and sustain successful businesses.

When we first started out, there weren't many mentors ahead of us doing what we wanted to do. We managed much of our established business growth on our own (not because we necessarily wanted to, but because we had no choice). You have a choice. Learning from others who are doing & have done what you're hoping to do puts you at a massive advantage that quite frankly, we wish we had access to years ago.

Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link below to join the waitlist for Round 2!

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Well What's It Cost

Let's talking pricing, value, and commitment.

  • Four 4 calls per month with the CEO's of online health coaching companies that run 7-figure businesses.
    (VALUE: Our 1:1 business consultations cost $500 per hour. You're getting ~ 50 of them = $25,000 YEARLY VALUE)
  • Community Facebook Group with Team Support
    ($100 per month = $1,200 YEARLY VALUE)
  • Fit Coach Pro software for FREE during your mentorship
    ($200 per month on average = $2400 YEARLY VALUE)
  • Lifetime access to the call replays & content of each mentorship call
    ($1000 VALUE)

All of this SHOULD be roughly $2,500 per month (or $30,000 per year), but we're giving it to you for only $499/month! That is ¼ of the ACTUAL value!

Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link below to join the waitlist for Round 2!

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