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It is never too late to get organized.

Custom Branded Portals for Online Coaches

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Video Library
Resource & Video Library

The video library isn’t just for exercises, this is your own private channel for clients: exercise library, nutrition info, recipes, FAQs, etc. If you want to show off your sick dance moves, you can create a category for that too!

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Custom Check In Fields

Whatever you want your clients to track can be logged in this portal. This level of customization for the measurables of your choice was implemented to allow you to fit everything you need onto this platform.

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Training & Programming

Upload programs directly to your client’s profile. As soon as a client logs into your portal, they can view their program, take notes, and record their progress! Need to see form videos? We’ve got you covered there as well with training check-ins!

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For Coaches By Coaches

Fit Coach Pro’s design and features come from nearly 25 years of combined coaching experience in the health & fitness industry. This portal was built by coaches who wanted better for themselves and their fellow peers working in the industry!

Why Fit Coach Pro?


Picture this - your logo, your branding, your video library, your PDFs, handbooks, resources, check in questions, terms and conditions, etc ALL customizable, ALL in one place.


The price to value ratio you’ll find at Fit Coach Pro is arguably the best you’ll come across. Not to mention, there’s a return on your investment (time AND money) when you choose Fit Coach Pro.

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Customized Question Fields
Custom Exercise Library
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Owned By Coaches Who Care
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What Are They Saying?

"This new coaching platform is EVERYTHING for me and my clients. More accountability, more organization, and user friendly on both ends!"


"The best nutrition platform I have ever used. It’s made me love client check-in days!"


"Fitness coaches, I urge you to use this software for you and your clients! Having a check-in tool like this makes a HUGE difference. Thank you for this genius tool."


"Shout out to Fit Coach Pro! Just submitted my first weekly check-in on the portal and I love it SO much. The ability to report my biofeedback throughout the week, save data as a draft before sending it to my coach, etc has been great in my opinion. Thanks for continuing to go above and beyond to make your coaching company the best!"

@leveltencoaching client

"Check ins are so much easier now! The process was a million times better- not having to coordinate everything on 3 different apps/programs!"

@Fitbyhan client

"I’ve used every coaching software out there (not exaggerating) and this is the FIRST one that has ACTUALLY helped speed up my check in process dramatically. The scalability alone makes it more than worth the price in my opinion. Plus, it caters directly to macro and training coaches without all the extra clutter of other software programs."

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